December 21, 2009

The Melodramommy Makeover

So you spend nine months watching your body transform. If the fact that being pregnant and watching snapping zippers and popping buttons burst off your clothes or stretch marks paint your pot belly purple wasn't drastic enough, you also endure the commentary of well-meaning family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers remarking about your new waddle, or how you have the "hugest belly they've ever seen." My personal favorite was being asked: "Are you sure there's just one baby in there!" As if I didn't feel huge enough! Then, to add insult to injury, the horrific mistake of being asked how far pregnant you are AFTER you have already given birth!

Well, the day comes when baby is out, belly has shrunk--somewhat, and it's time for a Melodramommy Makeover. To one of my dearest mommy friends, Rebecca, who asked for my advice on her upcoming haircut, this post is for you.

Melodramommy Makeover Tips:

1.) HAIR: Go to and click on the Hollywood Makeover, where in seconds you can upload a picture of yourself and it will let you virtually try on hundreds of hairstyles, lengths, and colors. You can see what style best fits your face and personality, without any risk or commitment, and no longer wonder how you would look if you had Jennifer Aniston's hair. It will let you print it out and/or email it to yourself so you can bring it with you to your hairdresser. And, best of all, this service is absolutely free!

2.) MAKE UP: At your nearest mall, go get a makeover at the department store counter. My favorite was going to Hudson Belk and trying on the fabulous Bobbi Brown make up. I found some new colors that looked best on my skin. Actually, after trying their under-eye corrector and concealer--I'm hooked. Such a great way to hide the dark circles from late night and middle of the night baby wake up calls.

Another option could be to go to Mary Kay website: and do their virtual make over. Again, upload a photo and try on those bold and brand new shades you've been wondering about. While your on their web site, you can locate a mary kay independent beauty consultant, and if you choose, you can host a Mary Kay make up party for all you and your melodramommy friends. Your independent beauty consultant will usually offer you a discount or free products for hosting a party. What a great way to try on new shades and creams and pamper yourself while at a discount!

3.) CLOTHES: The biggest advice I can offer is learn what colors look good on your skin type. I went years buying a brown sweater or shirt and NEVER really wearing it because it just didn't do anything for me. Then, I wear shirt in a deep blue hue, it could be the oldest t-shirt, but everyone is complementing me on the color. Lesson here: certain colors make you look good depending on your hair, eyes, and skin. To learn about what colors will look best on you, and how to dress for your body type go to: This web site will  also will tell you how to figure out your face shape and thus, what hair cuts will look best on you.

Well, good luck for now. And, let's never forget, that while some outward pampering is always fun, it's your inward beauty and heart that is what makes you the most outwardly beautiful. And on that note, it's no wonder my Melodramommy friend is so stunning!

Posted by Laura

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Rebecca said...

Mwah!;) Sage advice my friend. I'm loving that I now have this as a resource to refer back to when not available for phone chats!