April 25, 2010

The Face Only A Toddler Could Love

So there I am enjoying a moment snuggling next to Toddler girl when she turns to me and says, “I weally like your pencil, Mommy!”

“Pencil?” I think to myself, “Pencil?!?!?!?!?!?” There are no pencils or pens in sight.

“What pencil?” I politely ask.

“Your pencil,” she says matter-of-factly.

“Pencil?—I’m not sure I understand, sweetheart.”

And that is when she kindly points to yet another emerging zit on my chin!

“Oh, you mean, pimple!” I say, internally rolling my eyes. How many times now are people in my life going to point out a zit on my face! I mean come on now! As if it didn’t already greet me and mock me in the mirror throwing me an unwanted monthly surprise party!

“Ooooooh! PIMBOL … I weally like your pimbol, Mommy.”

“Thank you. But, you know, they’re not really nice to have.”

“I can touch it, Mommy?” she asks with the greatest enthusiasm as though this thing on my face is a pink balloon up for grabs at a fair.

“NO! You may not touch it.”

“But Mommy … I want to feel it. Is it SOFT? Or HARD?” She zealously asks. Man, this zit must be the most fascinating thing on the planet. Soft or Hard! Where did this child come from!

“I don’t know.” I reply, just hoping to end this conversation already about what must be a protruding mountain on my face!

“When I get older, umm, I wanna pimbol just like you Mommy!” She says with utter glee!

“Oh, thank you so much sweetheart, but really it’s not nice to have a pimple because they are actually a booboo.”

And then as I’m pondering how sweet it is that my little 2YO wants to be just like me even in the ignorance of her not realizing what she’s talking about she replies: “Awwwwwwwe, Mommy. I kiss your booboo!” And before I can shield myself and herself, she pounces her sweet lips right on my face.

Lesson learned: Do NOT tell your 2YO that ANYTHING is a booboo unless you don’t mind a very compassionate kiss from a little person who believes kisses have the power to heal. Yet, isn’t it amazing that the most unwanted things (even those zits on your face) can lead to the sweetest encounters with children. Surely, ONLY MOTHERHOOD, has this magical ability to transform the most egregious situations into humorous, heartfelt exchanges of love—even when you have the face only a 2YO could love.

Have you had any similar experiences?

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Posted by Laura


themsrevolution said...

ahhh.. yes. my son asked me yesterday why i have a boo boo on my neck. my neck? since when do zits pop up on a person's neck?

too bad those kisses don't actually speed the physical healing of our boo boos...

Dorothy said...

Oh yes, I just wrote a post (back one)about my 43 year old daughter, telling me I need a nose hair clipper as at (63) they're here...and I need to get rid of them.

So guess what it never stops...the opinions and the comments and advice.

Have a great week a cute post..

Dorothy from grammology

Kat said...

That is just too funny!! Ps...Just gave you a Stiletto award! ;)

Cleo said...

You have such wonderful insight into parenting!!!

P.S> Just gave you a "Sweet Friend" award. :) For you are! :)
Check it out at this post:

Melodramommy said...

Thanks Cleo and Kat for the awards! You gals are so sweet. I will post on them soon : )

Dorothy, that's hysterical. So that's what I have to look forward to!