April 22, 2010

How Many Miles Does Mommy Walk in a Day?

How Many Miles Does a Mother Walk a Day? The Pedometer reading says …

Come over to my house around 8:00 P.M. and you’ll see a not-so-pretty sight: a woman with frazzled hair (sorry, it was either make-up OR hair today not both), a greasy forehead (hey, I’m Italian and hoping it will later pay off with fewer wrinkles but in the mean time, pass me the proactive bottle) and a shirt with special markings decorated by tiny fingers as her lifeless body melts into a couch with her arm and legs spilling over the edges—but she doesn’t have the strength to clean herself up. In fact, it takes all the energy in the world for her to simply lift her nail-chipped finger and press down on that TV remote to change the channel. Why is she so tired? After all it’s only 8.P.M.

So I bought myself a good ole pedometer to wear through the day to see why is it that at only 8 P.M. after having just put the kids to bed, I am lying there lifeless on the couch. I mean, I used to train for marathons (only one but the plural sounded better), work out all the time, and have energy after a long day’s work teaching to conquer the world—one student at a time even if only in my dreams. Now, I’m struggling to simply conquer the massive piles of laundry. Either I am getting old OR could it be that I am walking more miles per day than I did in my college years or professional life as a teacher?

Let’s take a step into a mommy’s world where the daily-to-do-list meets a pedometer and mommy meets self-validation. Let’s review all that a Mommy of toddlers or little ones does, exhale with great awe and amazement, and pat ourselves on the back even if just mentally cause the strength isn’t there at the moment. After all, don’t athletes pause and look at their trophies or olympians wear their gold metals? I may not have a monument, but I surely have a monumental pile of diapers that I individually unfolded, wiped, and wrapped one-handed! I may not have made it to the gym, but my barbells weigh 30 and 24 pounds each and require lifting every hour on the hour--and they kiss me when I do! After all, doesn’t everyone need a pat on the back and recognition for a job that may not always get the visibility or appreciation it deserves … but is certainly one of the most important of all—being entrusted with the task of raising the next generation!

Come back tomorrow to find out the pedometer reading and miles tracked. I will also include my checklist of tasks!

Also consider this your invitation to join with me. Go out and get a pedometer and lets encourage eachother together. I've been tracking my results. And let me say, they will astound you! We mommies are doing more than we think!

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