April 21, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

I am honored to have received this "Honest Scrap Award" from a mommy blogger friend, Cindy, at This Adventure, Our Life. Cindy's blog is eco-friendly and in addition to the cute pictures of her little girl and sweet reflections, you'll find out about cloth diapering and even how to make your own laundry detergent! I also received this award from Cleo at wemmicks-in-training.blogspot.com. Cleo also has a great blog and is a great blogging friend.

The rules of this award are I must state 10 things about me and pass it on to 10 other friends: So here we go:

10 RANDOM facts about me:
1. This may come as a big surprise, but I like to list things
2. Sometimes when being chased by something in a dream, I turn around and realize, "Wait a minute ... I can fly!" and then I fly away. Now that's an awesome dream.
3. I recently spilled chicken juice from a cooked meal on my car rug and didn't realize it until 6 days later and my car smelled like a decaying body. It took 5 car shampoos to get it out!
4. My favorite color is sky blue.
5. I sing in the car but not in the shower.
6. I once trained for a marathon but got injured on my last 20 mile run before the race. And yes, I was discriminated against when I went to get a pedicure and they made me wait forever bc no one wanted to touch my purple toe with the missing toe nail.
7. I love cleaning but NOT diaper explosions or vomit!
8. If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would choose Greece, sitting on the beach!
9. I wouldn't make it five minutes on Fear Factor because I am absolutely repulsed by bugs!
10. If I were forced to grow an extra limb, I would choose a third arm because it would help with diaper changes!

The Ten Awesome Bloggers I have selected to give this award to are:

1.Kate @ http://www.mommymonologues.com
2.Tractor Mom @ http://frugaltractormom.blogspot.com
3.Mary Allison @ http://www.themsrevolution.com
4.Cleo @ http://wemmicks-in-training.blogspot.com
5.Kat @ http://iplayitbyyear.blogspot.com
6.Jessica @ http://www.thesouthernbellebaby.com
7.Abbi @ http://proverbs31living.blogspot.com
8.Alissa @ http://mommyandmolly.com
9. Law Momma @ http://www.law-momma.com
10. Cascia @ http://www.thehealthymoms.net


Kat said...

Awww....Thanks!!! You are the best ;)

And for the marathon...bummer that you had to quit. But that 20 mile run is something to be proud of!! I am actually running a marathon in two weeks. (Post about this soon to come as I am STRUGGLING for motivation). I too am scared of pedi's due to my nasty runners feet. I mean...I need to keep my calluses!! :)

Cleo said...

AHHHH!!! BIG bummer about the marathon! :( Am running my first 5K next Sat. Looking forward to it.
THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO much for the award!
Means ALOT!

Melodramommy said...

Cleo, Wow a 5K! Keep me posted on how your race goes! These days I don't do running, unless its just chasing after the kids : )

Kat! A marathon in 2 weeks! That's incredible. Especially after the week you just had with Logan! I will be praying for you that it is amazing. Is this your first? hahaha--I know what you mean about runners feet!

Tractor Mom said...

Awesome! My first award...Thanks a billion! I have to admit that I sing in the car but not the shower. I hate the echo!

Thanks again!! You're awesome!!!

Abbi said...

Thanks so much for the award!
I love sky blue too. I can just imagine the car smell. Chicken + heat = pretty nasty! I am sure that was "fun" to clean!