April 11, 2010

Potty Training & The Cuteness Factor

A list of Melodramommy's favorite things to look forward to in potty training:

1.) Little legs and feet swinging on the big potty
2.) The cutest scrunched up red, sweaty face that is clearly trying to concentrate on a big task
3.) Watching tiny fingers turn the pages of story books, while singing songs, and contemplating life's mysteries
4.) Big eyes that speak surprise, awe, and accomplishment upon hearing the famous "plop"
5.) The quirky things they do, like naming their poopies
6.) That growing sense of independence: "I want to wipe!" or "I want to flush!"
7.) The hilarious stuff that happens, like toddler almost falling in the potty and Mommy rescuing toddler
8.) Princess panties and Superman briefs!
9.) The fun in washing hands with Mommy: we sing songs and have a contest of who can make more bubbles
10.) The money and environment saved from ditching those diapers
11.) The day when Toddler can do 1-10 all by him/herself while Mommy sits on the couch thanking God she can rest for a minute.

What are your favorite things/memories about potty training? And/or what are your greatest potty training fears?

I know I give Mr. Poopie a bad reputation in potty training, as he so very well deserves, and in doing so I hope I haven't discouraged any new moms in what to expect in their own upcoming potty training adventures. The amazing paradox to keep in mind, as with everything in motherhood, is that your baby has that cuteness factor: you just love your children so much and can't get enough of them that even when they're running around with the dingle berry, wiping boogers on your knee, and calling your zit a poke-a-bot, they're so stinking cute, you constantly want to swoop them up in your arms, kiss their little necks, and inhale.

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Posted by Laura

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Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

ohh I remember having princess panties, oh yes and the days of the week panties. I love the part about naming poopies, looking forward to that :)!