April 11, 2010

Mr. Poopie's Alias

Of all the aliases Mr. Poopie has introduced himself as to my 2YO such as . . .

1. "Meatballs!"
2. "A Sea Horse!"
3. "Two Fireflies!"
4. "Three monkeys!"
5. "One Banana!"
6. "A Raisin!"
7. "A Mermaid!"
8. "A chocolate chip!"
9. "Awwee-- so cute I want to touch it!"

I NEVER thought he would trick her into thinking he was . . .

10. "A DIAMOND!"

My thoughts upon hearing this:

1.) Not just anyone can say they poop diamonds.
2.) I guess she is a true princess at heart
3.) Would this be an appropriate thing to share in a preschool interview?

That naïve ability in the eyes of a child to look at the detestable, see it sparkle, and call it beautiful, now that is something I admire. What words does your little one use to describe their "diamonds"?

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1 comment:

Shannon said...

My GG doesn't talk but since the word of the day is always poop around here she's bound to catch on quick and there's no telling what she'll come up with. This post made me laugh out loud! Thanks for that!