March 20, 2010

Mommy Confession #872: The Blankeee with Rainbow Sprinkles

My little girl's favorite blanket, the pink one that has the plush velour trimmed with satin, the one she named "Soft Blankeee," the one she has snuggled with every night ever since an infant, the one that she named the adopted fifth member of the family, the one that on Thursday night when she woke up with a tummy ache--it successfully caught EVERYTHING, the one that as I carried it to the laundry room with full intent to salvage it--made me NEVER want to inhale again, the one that now stands as evidence proving raisins and rainbow sprinkles aren't always easily digested . . . I just couldn't muster enough strength and courage to clean it.  Yes, I double and quadruple bagged it, sprinted outside in the midnight hour in my bathrobe and bright yellow rubber gloves to the garbage can, and whispered, "Byebye, Soft Blankeee, it was nice while it lasted." 

Bright Idea: 
If people can buy a look-alike fish or hamster to replace one that died, surely I can replace a blanket? Right? Good for me I just found out about a mom blog offering a blankee giveaway. Check it out at 3underthree. The offer ends Monday, March 23. There's still hope. 

Posted by Laura


Heather said...

Hi Laura,

I'm crossing my fingers that you win!

Heather :)

Beverly said...

My oldest had a yellow bankee that she sucked down her throat and it smelled horrible. I washed and dried it in the middle of the night so she wouldn't cry. I got the not-so-bright idea of cutting it in fourths ... oh the wounded, accusing looks I got from her ... one of those things that once done can't be undone. I still have a piece of that bankee somewhere in her box of precious.

Beverly said...
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Melodramommy said...

Thanks, Heather. And, Beverly, it's always nice to know I'm not alone.