March 19, 2010

Feature Blog Friday

Today I'm excited to share that my blog is being featured by one of my personal favorite mommy bloggers: Diana So, go check it out, share the love, and leave a comment.

Why I like Diana's blog: 
1.) Her posts make me laugh. 
2.) She ties in sincere, heartfelt topics that are valuable to new moms.
3.) She's a role model in being an eco-friendly Green momma: yes, she only uses cloth diapers! Check out her cloth diaper challenge giveaway where you can win a big bundle of Thirsties gift bundle ($170 value) 
4.) She is a networker: get to know her and you'll soon know a wonderful group of other mommy bloggers.
5.) I find her blog to be inspirational.

More on Diana:  I asked Diana to share a little about herself. 
Tell us a little about yourself: 

I'm a mom to my 4 month old Bella, and my husband Sam and I have been married for 7 years. I cloth diaper and try to be eco-friendly, and I'm a bit of a nut about having a tidy house. I love traveling, wine, The Office, and reading. I was a former teacher and now stay at home.

How long have you been blogging for? 
Only about 2 1/2 months. I've been really loving it so far.

Why do you do it? 
I love to write, always have. As a SAHM, my days are filled with lots of naps. I was wondering how to pass the time, and started blogging to remember my first months as a mom. Then I realized some people actually make money, even just a little, doing it. I hope that perhaps one day I can, so I'm able to continue to stay at home. If not, I'll still keep blogging. I love to look back and read things I had completely forgotten about. I also like to get to know other moms on here. I live in a small town, with lots and lots of snow, so sometimes it's days before I can go anywhere. Blogging keeps my sanity. 

Posted by Laura


Melodramommy said...

Diana, thank you so much! I am honored to be featured on your blog.

Diana Stone said...

Thank you! I was excited to have you as the first one!