March 31, 2010

Every Parent's Dream turned Nightmare!

Come on now, you know you've dreamed about this . . . 

But what you didn't foresee happening is this . . . 

Yes, this is where Daddy realizes, "OMG I'm stuck!" 
Mommy starts laughing so hard she nearly has an accident on the playground.
Five minutes of Mommy trying to pull down on the rubber base and Daddy trying to pull up. 
No progress.
Who's brilliant idea was this anyway?
It's okay kids, we'll get Daddy out. Don't worry.
Just ignore the neighbor staring at us from out the window. 
We envision neighbors coming out and calling the fire department to come cut him out. 
No that canNOT happen! 
Try harder. Push! Pull! 
God answered. 
He was out.
Wow! If we got through that, we'll get through anything.

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Posted by Laura


Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

hahahahahahahaha This is so something Hubs would do...note to self keep him away from the playground!

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

That is awesome!! LOL