March 29, 2010

Mommy is Sleep Deprived when . . .

Let's face it, sleep is a luxury of the past in the day and life of a mom with little ones.  Perhaps the following sounds familiar. Here are some of the things I found myself doing over the past year. 

Mommy is sleep deprived when . . . 

1.)   Even though you set your alarm so loud it can be heard across the entire house, it fails to wake you; but of course, while it is sounding you dream that you are trying to turn it off again and again and conclude that it must be broken.

2.)   When you wake up, thanks to toddler poking you in the face OR baby screaming, you have no idea what time, day, or calendar year it is.

3.)   In that moment, you wonder if your baby or toddler has a snooze button.

4.)   You think, If only I could pay my children to sleep in.

5.)   Oh how you need that cup of coffee! If only you were paying attention you wouldn’t have ruined it by pouring the orange juice in it instead of the milk.

6.)   While serving breakfast, you give 2YO the baby’s bottle and baby the French toast. What’s wrong with this picture you wonder.

7.)   Before loading everyone into the car, you rush up the stairs to get something; but can’t remember what it is by the time you get there! You of course remember as your about to drive away … your cell phone!

8.)   Okay so this is definitely a morning that calls for more coffee on the run, so you pull to the drive through window but are confused at why the woman is looking at you funny and won’t hand it over. Oh, you forgot to pay first.

9.)   You forget to put a diaper on your NON potty trained toddler but don’t discover this mistake until pee has soaked half the car seat.

10.)                  Finally, all are loaded into the stroller, you’re ready for your big adventure out--be it going to work, or the store, or the doctor, when you look down and realize you’re still wearing your bathrobe!

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Posted by Laura


Diana Stone said...

Ah the lists! I love it ;). I know how you feel, at least with me it's only one. I can't imagine dealing with 2 kids right now. And coffee - I can't have any cause of Bella's reflux. Yes, I know. I die a little inside too thinking about it.
I'm sorry about pee soaking the car seat, that's pretty nasty.

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

OMG! I can't even count how many laugh out loud moments I had reading your last three posts! My sides are literally sore & I was crying! I'm sharing these with my mom, she had 5 kids in 9 yrs, she will so appreciate this!!!

Melodramommy said...

Thanks Diana for being my cheerleader. And hi Kate, thanks for the encouragement too.