March 26, 2010

Mommy's Mistaken Identity

In light of yesterday’s post where I shared how my well-meaning-2YO reminded me that I’m overdue in renewing my ProActive Solution membership, I thought it would only be fair to share a very special compliment that I let her indulge me with last year:

It was only a month after I had given birth to baby #2 when I bought myself a subscription to a fitness magazine with hopes that it would motivate me to melt off the lingering blob of baby fat that wrapped itself around my waist. But who has time to read a magazine when your nursing hungry-little-man every two-three hours, dodging diaper eruptions, wiping a constant flow of churned milk off your shoulders, and chasing after a 1.5YO who believes she’s talking to Grandma when dialing the police  on your cell phone!

So there on the coffee table it collected dust until one day little girl comes running up to me with the widest smile and the biggest passionate eyes I’ve ever seen.
“LOOK, IT'S MOMMY! IT'S MOMMY!” She exclaimed, pointing to this svelte supermodel on the front cover.
So, I did what any self-respecting non-supermodel Mommy would do and replied, “YES! That IS Mommy!” 

Unfortunately, little-toddler-girl’s issue with mistaken identity didn’t work out so well for Daddy: “Look, it’s Daddy!” She shouted with glee one evening after dinner. Who could she be pointing to? Surely it would be his celebrity look alike Vin Diesel. You can imagine the disappointed look on Daddy’s face when he discovered his daughter was pointing to a picture of Elmer Fud. 

Posted by Laura 


Beverly said...

That is so funny - I was thinking along the lines of a fair complected Bruce Willis or an older version - Telly Savalis (loved that man)...

Melodramommy said...

hahaha! that's funny Beverly!

PickledJenny said...

Hahaha! That's hilarious. If I were your hubby I'd start wondering if you're paying her under the table to do these things ;-)