March 15, 2010

How to Quarantine Mommy

Yesterday, I quarantined my husband (see the post Seven Ways to Quarantine Daddy.)  On top of getting to spend the entire day in bed, enjoying undisturbed napping, and a most important toy-free path to the toilet, he got served breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed—yes, I got off the hook easy since all he wanted was water. And after I put the kids to bed, dealing with a few tantrums, as a 2YO and 1YO surprisingly don't automatically adjust to daylight savings, I made a late night trip to the ole Food Lion to get his one craving, vanilla ice cream sandwiches.

Well, today, I think it’s only fair that I invite him to return the favor and quarantine me: No, you don’t have to wait for Mommy to be sick with the stomach flu. Just grab the kids and take them away for the day. No need to barricade the door.  I voluntarily will lie in bed all day long. No questions asked.  And when you return, don’t forget to bring home the ice cream.  I’ll take a Cold Stone signature creation “All Lovin’ No Oven”—because the name says it all.

Posted by Laura 


Unknown said...

This is a great idea! It always seems that the only "days off" we get are the times we might be literally on our death bed. I had pneumonia last Jan and had a fever of 104! I thought I was dying. My husband definitely came through and took care of everything. Still...a real day off is a great idea!- Leslie Adams Young

Jessica-Claire Jones said...

I really like your blog! You are such an inspiring woman. Can we hang out with you guys on a Monday or Wednesday one week? We are soooo close by!

Melodramommy said...

I agree with you Leslie. I had a similar experience, had a bad flu and hubby was great taking care of the kids, but the problem was, I slept through it. If I get a day off, I want to be awake!

Thanks Jessica! I would love to hang out. Let's do it and go for a walk. Confirm date on FB.