March 23, 2010

Why Mommy Can't Sleep on the Job: Part II

I thought I could beat the system by sneaking in a little nap while my 2YO was watching some TV and this is what happens . . .

So what have I learned? 
1.) It is absolutely necessary for both toddlers to nap at the same time if there is to be any hope of Mommy napping.
2.) Daddy may NOT have a camera handy while Mommy is napping. 
3.) Foam stickers work wonders at removing facial hair as I'm now missing 1/8 of my left eyebrow to show for it. I guess I need to add this to my list of mommy casualties.

Posted by Laura


Unknown said...

too funny!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't wake up with all the sticking going on! If my dog licks herself in the same room - it wakes me up. I HATE being a light sleeper. and yeah, limited camera usage is a must. hehehehe

Unknown said...

ha ha ha, that's awesome! Well, not the losing your eyebrow part, but in general... funny stuff. :)

PickledJenny said...

I cannot say enough how awesome this is. I'm afraid to close my eyes and go to sleep now, for fear of what I might wake up to.