April 18, 2010

Crazy Things All in the Name of Potty Training!

Potty Training is one of the most hilarious adventures I’ve endured so far in motherhood. Not only is there that cuteness factor that I’ve shared earlier about, but then you look in the mirror at yourself and find yourself doing the most bizzare things all in the name of Potty Training! Yesterday we looked at the dog that wouldn't poop! Now, let's see how that prepared us for the world of potty training toddlers!

So here you go. The Top things I Never thought I’d do to get my toddler to poop.

1.) Talking to the poopie: “Okay, poopie, time to come out!”
2.) Personifying the poopie: “It’s okay, sometimes poopies are lazy and we just need to be patient.” OR “The poopie will be lonely if it doesn’t go in the potty.
3.) Commanding the poopie to obey: “We know you’re in there. Come out, now!”
4.) Forcing the poopie into submission: “Yes, let’s push that poopie out. Push! Push! Do you want to hold my hand? There you go. There you go.”
4.) Imitating the poopie: “Plop, plop, isn’t that fun!”
5.) Expressing affection towards the poopie: “I Love Poopies, Let me see.”
6.) Resisting the poopie:No, No! Don’t touch back there. We don’t want to get the poopie on our hands!”
7.) Measuring the poopie: “Look at the size of that poopie! Amazing! I am so proud of you.”
8.) Containing the poopie:Please let Mommy wipe, it is her joy.”
9.) Describing the poopie: “What? No, Poopies are not cute.”
10.) Naming the poopie: “What? You said it’s a diamond?”
11.) Restraining the poopie: “No, We don’t touch the poopie or anything in the potty!”
12.) Evicting the poopie: “Yes, say goodbye to Mr. Poopie; you get to flush!”

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Is there anything I have missed from the list? Please share!

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Posted by Laura


Lily Dawn said...

haha, I am full on in potty- training mode right now... as I type Reese is sitting on his little potty... just hangin out, he hasn't actually went in it yet, I think he believes it's just a place to hang out... ughhhh, the things we do as parents!! but it will be amazing to have all the boys out of diapers! =)

Anonymous said...

I am mother of 13 month old daughter... I tried last month for her to go in potty didn't work out... Cant think when she will be out of diapers???