March 8, 2010

Top 15 Crazy Things Parents do to Get Kids to Eat

Don’t mess with an Italian mother trying to get her children to finish eating their dinner; this is SERIOUS business, especially when it comes to eating those veggies. Here’s a list of the Top 15 Things you know either you OR someone you know has tried to get little one to open that mouth and eat.  Mangia!

15.) The This-is-So-Amazing Method: “Oooooh MY! Look at this NICE broccoli that Mommy has made! Oh, it looks sooooooo YUMMY!”

14.) The Peer-Pressure Method: “See how Mommy eats her broccoli. Mmmmm! Ok, now it’s your turn.”

13.) The Distraction Method: “Look, Look, it’s an airplane. Zoooooooooom. Zooooooom. Open your mouth … Good! Now, look, it’s a helicopter! Open wide.”

12.) The Full-Name Method: “(First, Middle, and Last name of child), Eat your broccoli now!”

11.) The No-Dessert Method: “Ok, don’t eat your broccoli. But that means no dessert for you. Now Mommy is going to have to eat your slice of chocolate cake all by herself.”

10.) The Repetition-A.K.A.-Nagging Method: “For the fifteenth time, sit down in your chair and eat your broccoli!”

9.) The Begging Method: “Honey, I love you. Please, please, please, eat this little itty-bitty bite of broccoli for Mommy, OR how about for Daddy, OR how about for our little puppy Guido?

8.) The It’s-a-Contest Method: “Who’s going to finish their broccoli first? I am. No, no, little brother is going to finish before you. Hurry. Hurry. Eat. Let’s see who wins.”

7.) The Reverse Psychology Method: “Fine. Don’t eat it. I don’t care.”

6.) The Bribery Method: “If you eat all of your broccoli, when you’re done, you can have … a sticker!”

5.) The Fear-of-God Method: “Sit down in that seat, eat that broccoli, and stop whining OR I’ll give you something to whine about!”

4.) The But-I-Made-It-Just-for-You Method: (inspired by my own Grandmother O’Brien): “Honey, Aren’t you going to eat your broccoli? But I made this broccoli just for you. Oh, come on. Won't you eat it for me? I don’t like leftovers.”

3.) The Don’t-Hurt-the-Food’s-Feelings Method: “If you don’t eat this broccoli, the broccoli is going to cry!”

2.) The I’ve-Tried-Everything-Else-and-I-Give-Up Method: “Fine. You don’t have to eat your broccoli now. But, it will be here on your plate waiting for you when you are hungry.”

1.) The Ultimate-Guilt-Trip-to-Italy-and-Back Method: (Inspired by my very own Italian Grandmother): “Muh! Don’ you know-a de chil-ren all over de world are-a starve-a! Dey No gotta de food! Dey Cry-a! Dey Would  LOVE-A to eat-a your broccoleeee! You soooo stupid-a! Eat-a de food-a! No Waste-a! It’s a sin-a to waste-a de food! MANGIA! MANGIA!”

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Posted by Laura 

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