May 5, 2010

Baby Sleep Fantasies Exposed: The Dangers of Sleeping with Baby

Today I'm really excited to share that I will be guest posting for a great mommy blogging friend of mine, Kate @ mommy monologues. Kate, like me, is relatively new to the blogging world and has already built herself quite a following. Can you blame us? She's hillarious, encouraging, entertaining, and honest! Not to mention proof that you CAN make real mommy friends in the bloggy world, even when you fear stalkers.

So please, go there and comment! Share the love. My post is about exposing the dangers of sleeping with baby. And no, I'm not talking about the dangers to baby! Sleeping with baby can be a real Hazard to MOMMY! That's something the doctor failed to warn me about. That's something that I learned new dangers while forced to share a bed with the toddlers while on vacation at the beach last week. I really have some battle wounds to show for myself now! Click here to find out my TOP FIVE LIST!

Thanks again Kate for the opportunity to share such an important warning on your blog!

Posted by Laura


Southern Reflexions said...

Great post over at Mommy Monologues!! I've been following you for a couple posts now; I always love hearing what other Mommies have to say!! Ahhh...the stories we can tell from our little ones sleeping with us!! :-D
~ Marlie

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

Great post, I thought it was also very funny the names you gave the "sleepers!" Love it, and voting for you :)