May 16, 2010

Mommy Hallucinations: The Detached Arm

Yes, I sometimes suffer from Mommy hallucinations. You know, the ones that strike at the playground when you're trying to assess how injured your child is. This one happened yesterday:

There I was sitting in the shade with another mommy friend exchanging our birthing battle-wound stories as our daughters played, when suddenly Toddler girl exhorted a shriek that that sent pins and needles radiating throughout my entire body. She slipped off a two-foot high playground step and fell straight onto her arm. She stood up and time froze.

Her eyes were bulging. Mouth gaping. Lungs expanding. She ran towards me and I toward her in what seemed slow motion. Then, I noticed her arm! Her Arm! Her left arm was just hanging there! Oh GOD! It’s dangling! I’m running faster and further towards her. But it was like a dream where you’re running and sprinting but making no progress.

With every step I’m analyzing the angle of her arm. The way she was extending it forward and parallel to the ground as she ran, but the elbow was sticking upward. It was contorted! Twisted! Dislocated! No, worse, broken!

More steps. Her eyes! Oh, how she must be in the most excruciating pain! How could this have happened! How could I have let this happen! What do I do now? Should I call 911? Which hospital should I drive her to?

“Mamma! Mamma!” She yelps. Closer now. Closer. The arm, it is completely clear to me now! It’s barely even attached to her body! It’s hanging by a thread about to completely detach itself and burry itself under the playground wood chips. Just as I’m seeing this, we make contact.

“Show Mommy your booboo!” I ask gently pulling her toward me ready to lift the detached arm off the floor and put it back on her body when she says, “NO, NOT THAT ARM, Mamma, THIS one.”

Say whaaaaaaaaat!

Well, after brushing the dirt off her elbow, RIGHT ELBOW, I should clarify, and double and triple checking that left arm that was suddenly, surely, and utterly completely fine, and offering the famous Mommy kiss, I realized I still needed to call the ambulance. It would surely take the paramedics to come bring me some oxygen after such a scare!

So mommies out there, have you ever had this happen to you? You see an injury and think it so tragic only to find out it’s nothing? To be honest, I’m still completely stressed out just thinking about the incident, even though she was completely fine! The thought of it was just that completely stressful. To think there was a time I thought a birthing battle wound gave me bragging rights. Little did I know of the events yet to come!

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Posted by Laura


Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

I have not yet had this happen (as Bailey is only 6 months) but I am sure I would be right there with you...panic attack can we say call 911 for Mommy... I think as Mommies we always prepare ourselves for the worst unknowingly. You had me laughing, and as always I voted for you, because you deserve it!!

Melodramommy said...

Thanks cindy. you're too kind. Heading over to your blog now : )

Sarah said...

Oh yes, this happens in our house daily. And that is no exaggeration. With three boys playing with Hulk gloves and light sabers, there are a lot of injuries. Hell, even without the toys there are a lot of injuries. I have been completely convinced, on more than one occasion, that one of the kids has broken something. But, despite falling down stairs (the whole flight of them), being kicked in the mouth, and knocking headfirst into all variety of hard, cold objects, the worst we have managed is a some seriously chipped teeth. I call myself just extremely lucky at this point, but I am ALWAYS on guard and ready to hightail it to the ER.