May 11, 2010

When Mommy NEEDS to Burn the Stir Fry

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Yesterday evening right as I was sautéing some vegetable stir-fry for dinner, Toddler girl comes up to me from across the room and says, “Mamma, I yuv you! I yuv you cause you’re my best friend.”

Isn’t it amazing the way one self-initiated sweet word from your child has the power to freeze time while melting your heart. One sweet word that touches Mommy’s love button that she didn’t even know was there cause its tucked somewhere deep in her heart; and, when she hears those simple words of gratitude she’s feels her heart fill up with so much joy it’s bursting up out of her chest with a fiery passion until she’s melting into the kitchen floor—well at least that’s what I do cause, yes, I am melodramommy here.

Well, in a moment like that, you forget you’re stressed, or that you woke up thinking there was a tarantula crawling across your face. You forget all the exhaustion it took to get to that moment. In that instant, you’re not even thinking about the vegetables that need to be stirred, the chicken that needs to be flipped, the diaper that needs to be changed, the high chair that needs to be wiped, or the hands that need to be washed—again! You’re thinking: Oh how I’ve waited for this moment! How I waited 9 months, plus a year of nursing (per child), plus years of poop explosions, messes, five bouts of the stomach flu, petrifying visits to urgent care, temper tantrums to the 10th degree, Oh how I’ve waited for THIS moment. You think that every time those sweet words kiss your face because every time it’s just as sweet as the first time.

So mommies out there, especially the newer ones, when your going through those crazy days like the ones listed above, just know you have moments like these to look forward to. Believe it or not, as exhausting, overwhelming, relentless and fatiguing that some days caring for children can be, hearing your little one initiate on their own big, “I love you, Mommy” while wrapping their little arms around your waist, makes you forget how much effort it took to get there—at least for a few minutes.

So, when your sweet moment arrives, one that always feels like it’s the sweetest moment of your life, SOAK it all up. Drink it. Marinate in that moment of love. The vegetable stir-fry can wait even if it does turn a little black in the process.

What moments most melt your heart?

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Posted by Laura


KellyW said...

Ryan's latest craze is coming up to me saying, "I wanna Mommy hug!" He is always wanting to hug me now and I always drop everything to hug the little booger. It melts my heart every time!

Nicole Everitt said...

My daughter just did something that melted my heart. She had been crying in her crib (9 months) and so I picked her up, brought her to my bed, laid down with her and we were playing around. In the midst of all her happiness and joy, she just fell sound asleep in my arm. She never does that! So that, my dear friends, is what can melt my heart any day.

Melodramommy said...

Kelly, an initiated hug from little one is one of the most precious things, second only to, Nicole, baby falling asleep in your arms. LOVE IT!

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

I love it when Baby crawls up to me & gives me a huge hug around my neck! It makes my day so much!

Kim said...

After a tantrum (on MY part) yesterday, my 7 year old declared me to be 'the best mommy ever in the whole wide wide world.' I don't know what my tantrum did to earn it, but it warm me to my toes! Awesome post!

Tractor Mom said...

Just love these moments! The only down side--supper takes twice as long to get ready!

Happy Mother's Day!