May 12, 2010

Diaper Deliverance and the Potty Training that Followed

Happiness is after . . .

(On average) 8 diapers a day x 365 days a year

= 2,920 diapers per year! (243 per month)

After 2 years 11 months

8,517 diapers later

Let’s say that out loud:

Eight Thousand, Five Hundred, Seventeen diaper changes!

That’s a whole lot-a poo!

Mommy wakes up to find

Toddler girl did poopie on the potty


Buh bye! Mr. Poopie. Buh bye!

Yes, she really is potty trained. The next problem: getting the courage to take her out without a pull up and face (gasp!) the public restroom! And of course, getting Baby boy to soon follow.

Oh, and before you go check out these two cloth diapering mommies: Diana @hormonal imbalances and Cindy @ Aguilar Family Adventures. To think of all the diapers and money these two eco friendly mommies are saving! What an inspiration.

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Posted by Laura


Samantha said...

isn't that the best? No.More.Diapers! Reason to celebrate, indeed!

C (Kid Things) said...

This really is happiness. Mine is older than yours, a fact which embarrasses me, but we're in the process. It's daunting. But we're about 80% of the way there. The other 20%, though, is pretty gross.

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

Laura, Thanks very much!! Voted for you as usual!! It is amazing how many diapers these little ones go through!! Mine is at like 8-9 still!! That is awesome you are almost there with your little girl, Congrats, as that is a BIG accomplishment!!

Kim said...

Ugh, to see the numbers all laid out like that!! My youngest is 3 and he is nowhere near potty training . . . so we continue the diapers. I cloth diapered him and his younger sister, but he's outgrown my biggest dipes now. Bleh! Oh, and the public restrooms? Toys R Us sells a folding potty seat that comes in a plastic storage bag. It folds flat and is easily carried in your diaper bag, or left in the van. I adore mine! There are also disposable toilet seat covers at Toys R Us -- I've used those as well. A life saver in a nasty place, that's for sure!!

Cheryl said...

Ah yes. The potty training. I actually got a break of almost a year, after having two in diapers for two years. Now I'm back in diaper hell, and since he's only 14 months old, we'll be in it for awhile. Can't wait to use all that money we're spending on diapers to buy myself a new pair of shoes - or three!

Gibby said...

That is definitely reason to celebrate!!!

Corinne Cunningham said...

That is one of the biggest joys I can possibly imagine!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have 15 month old daughter...I tried few times to potty train her no luck yet. God job Laura. Bye bye diapers. Love your blog

Kim said...

Thanks for the comment over at my blog! :) Will definately be looking for some of those books -- great ideas! I so appreciate the feedback, thank you so very much. I posted a heavy one today, and yeah, I'm begging for some support :)

Sarah said...

Oh yeah. There is no question, NO QUESTION, that a potty trained toddler is reason for many a !!!

Two down in my house, one to go. WooHoo!

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

So jealous, I wish my kiddo was potty trained. Although it would help if we seriously tried. Being potty trained really does equal happiness!

Kari said...

I love this post... we are trying to potty train Zoie but she's just taking her sweet time:) I love your blog!!!! I can't wait to dig deep... you sound like an amazing & fun mommy! Thanks for stopping by my crazy blog.