May 19, 2010

A Mommy's Work Resume

Today is my last post participating in Momalom's 5 for 10. The topic is "Yes." Have you ever considered how many job descriptions a woman takes on when she says "yes" to becoming a mother?

At work I was instructed I needed to update my resume. My resume! A lot has happened in the past three years! So I sat there at my computer screen wondering: Can I add that I have changed over 10,000 diapers? Birthed two heads more lethal than a wrecking ball? Contained more poopie eruptions than an active volcano—in the car, the middle of Target, and in (deep sigh) the bathtub! Functioned as a human tissue? Tamed more temper tantrums than a human resources manager, boxing referee, and zookeeper combined! Perhaps it is time to create a new resume of my own! One that applies to all us mommies out there. Ahem, here we go:


CONTACT: Find me anywhere you hear or see children; sometimes I wear them too.

University of Real Life, Toddlerland
BA, Birthing Another
MA, Mothering Another
PHD, Praying hard daily, how else do you survive the BA and MA?

HONORS/AWARDS Finalist in the Semi Annual “My Baby Can Scream Louder Than Yours So-Please-Help-Me Jesus contest”; The Nursing-Mother’s “So This is What it’s Like to be a Cow” Award; “I’ve Sniff Bottoms More Frequently than a Custom’s Canine” First Place; “My Baby’s Head is a Lethal Weapon and I Survived Sleeping Next to it” Honorable Mention; Qualified to join the “I Abused my Diaper Bag to the Point it Exploded” Club. I write my own awards.


Chief Household Officer (CHO), To see a full list of my daily responsibilities click HERE.

Hazmat Specialist, I consistently identify, quarantine, and properly dispose of more hazardous waste in one week than an entire hazmat team in a year.

Translator, I am fluent and proficient in translating Toddlerese.

Teacher, my curriculum widely covers everything from the basics to those deep questions in life such as: “What’s that?” “Where did it come from?” and “Why Mommy?”

Personal Chef, I not only prepare and serve three meals a day, but snack times too.

Stylist, this includes everything from hair to socks and clothing. In addition I have had to give several lessons in what NOT to wear to my 2YO including the “No, we don’t wear a bathing suit over our dress” and “No, we don’t wear our Dora-the-Explorer Costume to church.”

On-Call Nurse, I’m told my kisses aid in the healing booboos

Professional Gift Wrapper, my clients specialize in making their own unique “presents” multiple times daily. I excel at quickly, and carefully wrapping these gifts with many layers of plastic one handed, and sometimes at night with only one eye open, all while holding my breath for very long periods of time.

Potty Training Doula, I’ve coached my patients in birthing more poopies, than a pediatrics ward has babies.

Driver & Tour Guide, encouraging safety first, I personally lift each client into his/her seat and assist them getting their entire body strapped into the car all while serenading them with many popular songs, such as “Twinkle little start,” though out the drive. I even narrate and give detailed descriptions of the various locations we pass through.

Wrestler, how else do you suppose I would get my youngest opponent diapered, bathed, dressed, and fed?

Heavy Weight Lifting Champion, yes, that’s what I call someone who functions throughout the day while carrying two human beings under each arm pit, keeping in mind that after the first five minutes, everything becomes heavy.

Surgeon and Real-life “Operation Game” Champion
, who needs that game of Operation when one can extract play dough, Cheerios, penne pasta, and crayons out of a moving target’s nose—This brings the careful navigation of a surgeon’s swift steady hand to a whole new level.

Personal Shopper, in addition to helping my clients choose the best products on the market, my clients enjoy a joy ride being pushed in the top front of the shopping cart.

Professional Entertainer, I write my own music, performing original songs for all daily activities such as “This is how we wash our hands” and “This is how we get strapped in the car.”

Story Telling Specialist, I can recite “Brown Bear” and “Good Night Gorilla” by heart, backwards, forwards, and in my sleep. That’s what happens when you’re asked to tell the same story over and over and over again.

Dental Hygienist, while brushing my patients teeth, offer two flavors of tooth paste, including the fluoride free bubble gum and fruit punch, I even sing the “this is how we brush our teeth song” to my patients!

Photographer, I capture that perfect shot of my clients. Yes, I do just about anything to get them to smile, including bribery, praise, and making a complete utter fool out of myself.

Inventor, I have used the diaper wipe to do all things, everything from wiping bottoms, noses, cleaning stains of carpets, shirts, cleaning the couch, to cleaning the baseboards of the house to functioning as earplugs. Desperate moments call for creative measures.

House Cleaner, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

Police Officer, I excel at giving warnings, I’m the Time-Out enforcer, and have been told my facial expressions alone instill the fear of God in the disobedient.

Personal Coach, I give more encouragement and stickers than Santa Clause presents.

Dry Cleaner, While I do wash, dry, fold, and put away all the laundry, I do NOT do the actual dry cleaning; I just drop it off. Hey, I guess I can’t be all things to all people after all. You can’t say yes all the time. Just don't tell my italian Granmother this, and we'll all be just fine ; )


Multitasking Expert, I can nurse a baby while talking on the phone, updating my facebook status, sipping sweet tea, changing the channel on the TV, and chasing after my 2YO—all at the same time.

Mr Poopie Assailant

Have anything to add to the list above? Please share.

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Posted by Laura


C (Kid Things) said...

So, so true. I don't understand why corporations aren't looking for more people with this multitude of talent.

Diana Stone said...

LOL. OMG so true! So funny! I love it. I love the list of awards. You should include pics with them on your resume - you know, like we list them on our blogs. :)

Melodramommy said...

Good point, C (kid things)

Diana, hahaha. Great idea. I agree. Actually, I'm planning on listing it under the "awards" category when I launch my blog redesign which is coming soon. I have a few more awards to add to the list, but that's another post : )

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

Okay I especially love Hazmat Specialist, Translator and "toddlerese", and Inventor!! You are hilarious and always give a good laugh and smile every time!!


Melodramommy said...

Thanks Cindy! and I love the photos of bailey on your post. Heading there now.

One Photo said...

I think you just about covered everything here, except in my case I would have to add in the first section being vomited on......

Brilliantly different way in which to capture the tasks of a Mother, I love it!

Barb said...

Only another mom could truly appreciate the expertise you advertise in your resume. Just brilliant.

Nic said...

LOVE it! You gave me a much-needed laugh this morning.

Lily Dawn said...

Hahaha, love it!! and a big Amen to all of those qualifications... My favorite is the HONORS/AWARDS... hilarious!


ck said...

What? I'm not the only one to win the, “So This is What it’s Like to be a Cow” Award? I'm feeling a little gypped...

(Clever post. BTW!)

Jen said...

I loved this. And I'm so impressed that you were able to assemble it. Really. I mean that. My brain is so FRIED I am quite sure I do not have the wherewithal to identify all of the things that should be on any resume. I would like to hear what happens if you ever submit this one to an unsuspecting hiring business!

Melodramommy said...

Ck, I proudly share all my awards with all to whom they apply. So, let's wear our cow bells around our necks with pride. And to that, I salute you : )

Thanks Jen, so glad you enjoyed it. Well, I'm a person who LOVES to list things because somewhere in there it makes me feel validated that I accomplished something. So the resume was more a self therapy validating myself and of course other moms of what we do all the time even when we have no idea what we're doing. LOL. that would be funny if I actually did submit this for a job.

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed throughout this entire post! How TRUE it all is!! Thank you for that chuckle :)

Donna said...

This is a really great post. Quite interesting when you put it all down on paper and awfully hilarious, particularly your awards! You should make certificates for yourself and put them on the blog!

Sarah said...

You have me cracking up with this post. I especially love Potty Training Doula and Inventor. Oh yes. We have all sorts of useful needs for the random item stowed under the seat of the car. And actually, sometimes it comes in handy just as I'm performing my Potty Doula services. Actually, come to think of it, the two really go hand in hand, don't they?